OCIMS to the Top Management is Heaven

The whole office can be carried with that little iPad, Android Tablets and smart handphones. The ol’ bosses uses email to communicate with their staff but the New Gen Bosses that is ever connected and always on the move uses OCIMS. When bosses wakes up in early morning filled with ideas and urgent things to do, they can grab any smart devices, log into OCIMS and start sharing their ideas or assigning task to respective staff. This moment is crucial as great idea vanishes away quickly but OCIMS is always there to capture and share the great moments with you. Managing is never easier, whether you prefer Macro or Micro managing, OCIMS provides avenue for both.

OCIMS Connected and Always on the Go

OCIMS is designed to have multiple accessibilities, working with all kinds of current technologies and readily adapted to work with future gadgets. OCIMS caters for desktop but it is BEST USE with mobile tablets such as the iPads or Android Tablets. It is touchscreen friendly with easy to navigate icons that makes you do things faster. Notification icon is readily available for discreet reminder but a Pop Up Message feature allows for important message to be displayed especially when in the office. It reduces the hassle of dialing numbers or looking for people around the office.

Simplicity is OCIMS

Designed with the USER in mind and designed for USER daily use. Managers can rest assured that their staff will find OCIMS irresistible because it is so simple and usable. It provides suitable tools required from the top C level right to newbies. The search button is readily available at the top of each page to serve user queries promptly. Managers will NOT be frustrated with too many steps or clicks. OCIMS serves the user need for information seeking, planning and communication in less than 3 steps most of the time. The default page for each module is in simple Rows and Columns known as THE LIST. Our daily life is too hectic with details that having a list provides clearer view of important choices. With OCIMS you get a list at all the modules. List of Task, List of Current Staff Attendance, List of Claims and etc.

For the Company, OCIMS is the ultimate cost cutting tool especially in controlling and eliminating waste from those intangible resources relating to manpower. With OCIMS, staff automatically spends time wisely and all tasks are recorded with the actual number of hours spent. Managers can review the actual time taken, evaluate and in future eliminate the wastage in time allocation of due date. 80% of issues can be solved in OCIMS before there is a need for face to face discussion or meeting, thus reducing more man hours. With OCIMS everything is clear and reduces time wasting activities such as grapevine and office politics when all matters are being made visible.

OCIMS is designed to create HIGH VALUE for Bosses to communicate and manage their subordinate effectively. Miscommunication between them causes HIGH IMPACT to the company whereby task expectation is downgraded by Subordinates resulting in mediocre output. With OCIMS, there are no more arguments about procrastination, forgotten task or undefined task instructions. No more verbal instruction that cannot be traced as OCIMS provides the user friendly platform to assign task as specific as possible whereby it registers automatically who assigned the task, the time and date assigned. The assignee will be aware of the task responsibility, the objective and the most importantly the deadlines. It provides a trail of all tasks should there be any dispute in future.


Focus on What Matters

In organization, the top focus is the income generated task. With too many staff and projects, classification is usually mixed up and posed difficulties to the Account Managers. OCIMS provides Job Codes to differentiate the income and non income activities perform by staffs. It provides the definition of each project and all tasks will be associated to these Job Codes. There will be a definition page that will meet the requirement from respective department that creates it either from Marketing, Project, Development, Maintenance or Administrative. The definition provides a single display of information, task and other activities crucial to Managers on making decision or resource planning.

Lost of unnecessary man-hours reduces productivity and increases the operating expenses. It is therefore a big NEED for any company to know the staff whereabouts to ensure that effective man-hours are achieved. OCIMS Staff can be integrated to the access control system to provide staff attendance and movement whereby lost hours and OT can be calculated automatically. The management can analyze the lost hours and pro-actively take necessary actions to reduce the impact to the operating cost. Operational backup plan can be executed when staff attendance falls below the productivity threshold especially in the production and service based business such as factories and service centers. OCIMS can be integrated to the payroll system to ensure that accurate compensation is made for the man-hours contributed. With Staff Module, managers will be able to track staff whereabouts in an instant. Company with many people on the move is able to provide flexibility based on a self-service option for staff to update their attendance with reason such as business appointments or meetings.

Why Wait When You Can View Your Staff Performance at Your Fingertips

With OCIMS Key Performance Indicator (KPI), managers can get instant overview of how their staff are coping with the Task allocated to them. We automate the KPI with OCIMS so that managers will know that the task is completed on time and goes through the required review and approval process. They are also able to intervene when the see that their staff is underperforming rather than wait until it is too late. The main objective is to ensure that the task is completed on time and goes through the required review and approval process. Key method here is to measure the result and the effort done towards achieving the result. OCIMS allows for company to set a threshold for the daily KPI whereby if a staff continuously falls below 2.0 CGPA for a certain period of time without putting an effort to increase it, the staff will be barred from using OCIMS. The rationale is simple, if staff wants their KPI to increase, they will finish and update their task. They need to be constantly reminded that they are being compared with the rest of the Staff in the company. Your performance is displayed, online, real-time When the KPI is low, the HoD or managers will be able to take the necessary action to assist their subordinates to keep up or to provide them with the necessary warnings.

OCIMS Leave is a self service module that provides all application, approval and management of staff leave to be done online. This provide time saving to the company and help to reduce or totally eliminate cost of paper forms. Managers will be able to view detailed staff leave information from a click of a button even if the manager is away from the office. This can be done through any smart communication devices in the form of phones or tablet PC. It display the number of leave days available for the staff for each category (medical, annual or any others). Statistics of staff on leave based on department or overall staff is displayed too. Managers or direct supervisor will be provided with fast pop up alert for staff requesting for leave and assigning task to other colleague. The module provides search criteria that allows managers to view based on department, date or etc.

Minimize Cost and Maximize Purchasing Power

From a click of a button, manager will get the updates on when they are getting their ordered parts, materials or components. Project Team need not worry about their budget because all purchases that relates to them will be linked to the respective project Job Code and can be monitored anytime. It will all start with the Purchase Requisition Form (PRF) whereby both the Purchase Order (PO) and Supplier Quotation wil be part of the PRF reference. Managers, HODs and Accounts can verify, approve the PRF and it will automatically converted into PO to suppliers. The management will be able to see the status of each verifying or approval process is displayed real time starting from HOD verification, Account Verification, Manager’s approval, when the PO is sent to the supplier, items delivered by supplier, and up to when the payment is made. Tracks of purchases can be easily retrieved whenever needed. Category of item purchased can be selected for Stock, Current Asset or Fixed Asset and the date of purchase crucial for warranty start date and end date will be captured automatically to be used later in Asset Module of OCIMS.


No Pain, No Gain and Nothing is Change

OCIMS may boast on its ease of use but staff mindset must be changed. With OCIMS, staff will be DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENT in their performance. Not to forget that OCIMS encourage creativity and it provides the avenue for staff to share their creativity and be rewarded for it. Once you get the grip of OCIMS, it will serve you like a master giving you empowerment to achieve new results in your career. However OCIMS needs information, it needs feeding of written tasks or records of information to be able to serve the Master. OCIMS is a savior too because it provides the staff with evidence that the task has been carried out, details of it, and when it is being done. Once you reach to this state, you will enjoy using it, updating it, and communicating with it. Because it eventually makes your life SIMPLER.

Easily navigated organizing tool that allows the management of task on a daily basis. OCIMS Organizer is simple but powerful as it aims to allow managers to save time when linking their task into the daily and monthly calendar. Simple steps without having to re-enter the details of the task. This is especially important when the task is a meeting or discussion type. Depending on the preferred settings, other staff will be able to view each others calendar so that event or meeting can be arrange without clashes of resources.

OCIMS Task is a legend

It defines tasks and organizes it effectively. OCIMS is designed to ensure that staff achieves maximum output by prioritizing their task in terms of urgency from Top, High, Medium, Low and defines priority based on Covey’s First Things First- Time Management Quadrant( Quadrant 1 till Quadrant 4) . The “Teamwork” concept is re- define as OCIMS cater for vertical teamwork required in a company to get things done. Each task will require the presence of a reviewer who guides, review or verify the result of the task. The presence of Approver is available for the high level requirement task. With this clearly define teamwork, accountability is no longer transparent. OCIMS allow tasks to be completed only when the staff fills in the time spent to complete it. This automated feature is a Key in the successful implementation of timesheets for companies. The workload of each staff can be accessed and assessed whereby details of the task ( total vs incomplete) is always displayed for staff to prepare their working plan.

Action Speak Louder Than Words

Data and Information may not be enough for Managers to make decisions. Having the tools to view live video provides managers the “feel” of the overall situation. Managers will be able to view the operations at the sales outlets or customer service centers to determine that customers are properly attended and procedures are adhered. Factory managers will be able to determine that the production line is good working condition and the operators are following the safety procedures. OCIMS will be able to integrate with many types of Surveillance System available in the market and can be used for general surveillance purposes. OCIMS is also able to get live feed from cameras installed in Malaysian Highways especially around the Klang Valley. This provides a good tool for sales personnel to plan and determine their route to go for the business appointment.

It’s not common, it’s IMPORTANT

In OCIMS, the Message feature was the first introduced and the most used. A simple tool that gives PROMPT response and allows urgent communication to be achieved as smooth as possible. Without realizing, this feature SAVES time for the company as it allows staff discussion to take place and decision can be made without spending too much time in old style boardroom discussion. Multi-tasking is finally made effective with this feature. Discussion can be shared and message will not be lost in the common email inbox.

Do it Fast and Do it Accurately

With OCIMS Claim, Staff or the Account Department do not have to spend too much time in settling issue related with claims and it will definitely reduce 95% of staff complaints. Managers do not have to crack their head matching supporting document and reviewing staff claim because OCIMS provides the platform for staff to link their claim to their TASK. This allows the provision for more accurate proof on that particular task whether it is an expense travelling claim for business appointments and meetings or number of hours claim for overtime. OCIMS is also able to communicate easily with standard products, such as Microsoft Office, so that you can export claim information easily This makes the claim process more swift, transparent and accurate. Each stage of review, verification and approval are all done online and allows for staff to check status of their claim from pending approval level up to when the payment is made.

OCIMS centralizes all communication into one application (portal/cloud service)

Fax, emails and SMS are all integrated with OCIMS. Faxes received are automatically delivered to the Admin Personnel’s Task and based on the selected configuration, faxes can be broadcasted to all or only the intended Staff. Same goes with emails received from external parties, it will be automatically directed to OCIMS and can be configured to automatically broadcasted to all or selected staff. Without internet coverage, staff on the go will still be able to communicate to OCIMS with SMS. This ensure that important messages can still be delivered and sending SMS through OCIMS will reduce cost because with OCIMS, staff can configure the SMS to be received by an individual staff or many since the staff only sends SMS to the OCIMS number.


OCIMS Mobile


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